1011 bears sponsored to 666 primary schools by 560 sponsors... Thank You Staff at Coomera State School. For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Coomera State School - COOMERA Tracey Rose - Our most recent donor - Thank you Thank You CAE For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Medowie Public School - MEDOWIE Thank You Bagdad Primary School For Donating Earnest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Bagdad Primary School - BAGDAD Thank You Stuart Town Anzac Committee For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Stuart Town Public School - STUART TOWN Thank You Judy Ross For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Undercliffe Public School - EARLWOOD Thank You The O'Neill family For Donating Armistice Centenary Bear to Springfield Central State School - SPRINGFIELD Thank You The Klein Family For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Greenslopes State School - GREENSLOPES Thank You Wendy McGeary For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Doncaster Primary School - DONCASTER Thank You WO Geoff Stokes- Head Coach, Invictus Games 2018 For Donating Andy Miller - Navy Bear to St Patrick's Parish School - COOMA Thank You In memorial of Roy, Dennis & Owen Scott For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Bridgewater Primary School - BRIDGEWATER
Aiden Davie – Student Ambassador

The Bears to School project is achieving remarkable success in Australian schools. A significant milestone of 800 bears have now been donated to 525 schools. The project has been embraced by the whole community – teachers, families, parents’ committees, not-for-profit organisations and the students themselves!

An important goal of the Bears to School programme is to empower students to engage with history in meaningful and innovative ways. As part of this approach, we have created an opportunity for students to become Bears to School Student Ambassadors.

Students can channel their creativity and passion for history to engage their fellow learners and encourage their communities to make donations. Students can do their own research about a Great War topic that interests them, or get started by using the resources available on the Bears to School website.

Aiden Davie attends Canberra Grammar School and shared his Bears to School story with fellow students during a school assembly:

“Having Trooper Jones in the classroom with us made our history lesson come alive. I want to share the Bears to School message with other students and tell the stories of our diggers from the Great War”

Watch Aiden’s presentation

How students choose to share the Bears to School message is up to them – we encourage telling the special stories of our diggers, sailors, airmen and nurses in creative ways.

As a Bears to School Student Ambassador their profile will featured on the Ambassadors page, along with their message of support.

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