977 bears sponsored to 646 primary schools by 540 sponsors... Thank You CAE For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Garbutt State School - GARBUTT Willow and Blake Millar - Our most recent donor - Thank you Thank You Broadspectrum For Donating Clarence Thomas - Stretcher-Bearer Bear to Redbank State School - REDBANK Thank You Cheryl Wellburn For Donating Armistice Centenary Bear to Mundijong Primary School - MUNDIJONG Thank You Thomas T/A Gazone Productions For Donating Earnest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Augusta State School Thank You CAE For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Alice Springs School of the Air - ALICE SPRINGS Thank You The Huggetts For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Brisbane Independent School - KENMORE Thank You Maj. W.A. Davidson MID, kia Lone Pine ,9 Aug 2015 For Donating David Cohen - Lone Pine Bear to St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly - INDOOROOPILLY Thank You Robyn Hough in memory of Uncle Henry James Hastie For Donating Albert Murray - Western Front Bear to East Brisbane State School - EAST BRISBANE Thank You Butchers Creek P & C For Donating John Murray - Wounded Bear to Butchers Creek State School - BUTCHERS CREEK Thank You The Whiteley Family For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Cranbourne South Primary School - CRANBOURNE SOUTH

Thank you to all who have donated a Great War bear. Every bear supports children’s learning and engagement in Centenary-linked lessons and school commemorative events, as well as supports the work of local charities helping veterans and families.


Thank You For Helping Us Share History With Our Children

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