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Resources for teachers, schools & parents

The Bears to School online resources for teachers and parents provide something for all primary age students, from video experiences, audio stories, reading exercises, great colour-in-poppy-bookmarks, stories of the Great War, fun Morse code activities and more. Download these free, simple and fun activities to engage students in the stories of the Great War in class or at home.

Trooper Jones’ experience

Bear Stories

Click each bear to view and hear their stories

Poppy Story Activities

These simple activities explore how the poppy came to represent remembrance. Poppy Story for Teachers (PDF here) provides background information on the Poppy and its symbolism.

The Little Red Poppy Story:

Printout and provide or read to students the story of “The Little Red Poppy story”. Once read, ask students to complete one or more of the following activities.

  • Draw poppy field artwork – based on the first stanza of In Flanders Field (PDF here)
  • Cut-out and colour-in Poppy bookmark (PDF here)
  • Poppy colour-in (PDF here)

Dots and Dashes

Bears in Schools

See how bears are making an impact in some of the hundreds of schools in which they have found homes.

Bears Out and About

Bears making a difference in schools.

Thank You

Some thank you messages from students at Harston Public School.