989 bears sponsored to 655 primary schools by 550 sponsors... Thank You Wangi Wangi RSL Sub Branch & Wayne Hopskin -Invictus Australia Team Member 2018 For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Rathmines Public School - RATHMINES Paul & Angela Mitchell, Murwillumbah Tyre Service - Our most recent donor - Thank you Thank You Club Rivers (Riverwood Legion & Community Club) For Donating David Cohen - Lone Pine Bear to Hannans Road Public School - RIVERWOOD Thank You Edna Gorton For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Uki Public School - UKI Thank You Grace and Lilly Blake For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Holy Cross Primary School - WOOLOOWIN Thank You Rotary Club Dingley Village For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Kingswood Primary School - DINGLEY VILLAGE Thank You Koby & Nate Cassidy For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Port Hedland Primary School - PORT HEDLAND Thank You Craig Williams - Invictus Games Support Team For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Nowra Public School - NOWRA Thank You Broadspectrum For Donating Clarence Thomas - Stretcher-Bearer Bear to Redbank State School - REDBANK Thank You Gail Stephens For Donating Grey Wilson - Greatcoat Bear to Tiwi College - WINNELLIE Thank You Perry/Hosking Brothers For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Como Primary School - COMO

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can donate?

This is a community opportunity open to individuals, families, organisations and businesses to purchase and donate a bear or bears to their nominated primary school.

 How are donors recognised?

Donors will be acknowledged in the support materials that accompany each bear and in online promotions.  Donors can include their name (family/organisation) to the bear information card that carries the story of service represented by the individual bear.  Business and organisational donors can also include their logo.

Why should I donate a bear?

Donating a uniformed bear is one way people can show their support for the education of younger Australians in the stories and events linked to our Centenary commemorations.  In many cases it will be about giving something back to your family’s school or community.

Can I dedicate the donation?

The donation may also be dedicated to a loved one but consideration should be given to the age of the students engaging with the bear.  Each dedication will be checked by AGW prior to printing of Cards to ensure appropriateness for the audience and context to the spirit of the Centenary.

Can I add a message to the information card?

The card is not intended for additional messaging.  Consideration can be given to a special message of less than 50 characters.  Please contact educate@AnzacBears.com.au and provide the message; nominated bear and school.

Can I make the donation anonymously?

Yes. At the purchase page on the website simply choose this option and proceed to nominate the school. If you have liaised with a military charity in making this donation we ask that you identify that charity so that they can be acknowledged.

Do I pay extra for the cards, design and postage?

Australia in the Great War covers all design, postage and liaison costs.  The bear is sold only at the recommended retail price of $99.00.

Why is AGW doing this?

AGW and its parent company, BrandNet, work closely with Australia’s military and veterans associations. This project is part of an ongoing commitment to sharing an understanding of Service within Australian society and to supporting the education of young people in our rich military history.

 Does AGW profit from Bears to School?

Bears to School generates a donation of 25% of the purchase price which is donated to local organisations, such as RSL or Legacy branches, nominated by the bear’s donor. AGW pays all costs associated with the design, printing, postage and handling of Bears to School packages; as well as liaising with charities, donors and schools. AGW also maintains and moderates social media and web tools associated with the Bears to School. The program does not return a profit.

Can schools promote the opportunity to communities?

Yes. School P&Cs or equivalent bodies, can promote Bears to School to their school community. Fifteen per cent of the donation from each bear given to the school can be used to support school fundraising. Schools wanting to promote Bears to School can Register Here.

Can non-military organisations other than schools promote Bears to School?

It is important that bears are provided to schools to support learning and engagement. As such organisations which have channels to engage donors can promote Bears to School.

Why are major military charities supporting Bears to School?

These charities represent a wide range of veterans and eras of Service. Each is committed to the memory of those who served and to supporting living veterans and their families live fulfilling lives after Service. They share a commitment to military history and recognise Bears to School will support the engagement of children in lessons and events linked to the 2014-2018 Centenary.

How do I donate a bear?

The process to donate a bear is simple. On this website choose a school or bear and complete the simple steps.

Can I donate multiple bears?

Yes. Each bear shares a different story.  If donating to a single school just add bears to your order.  If donating multiple schools please complete the process for each school.

Are all schools part of this program?

There has been overwhelming support for this initiative at all levels of education and in veteran communities so we expect all schools will embrace the opportunity for their students, teachers and school community. Those not wanting to participate are not included in the donation options.  You may approach the school separately to seek their participation.

 How do schools know about the donation?

When you donate a bear the school is notified of the bear and of the donor (unless the bear is donated anonymously).

What if my school doesn’t want to be part of this?

Schools have the option to opt out when informed that you have donated a bear.  If this is the case you will be refunded your purchase price or given opportunity to nominate another school.

What if schools already have a bear donated?

Great! We hope to get many bears into each school – one in every classroom would be fantastic. On the donation page you will see which bears have been donated to your nominated school.  You can select a different bear or add another of that story.

How is this educational

Bears to School does not prescribe how the bears are used in support of school activities, simply it provides engaging non-threatening props and some simple age-relevant points about the service or military campaign represented by the unique bear that will help teachers engage younger children in learning.  Online activities related to the bears will also provide school and home-based opportunities to generate engagement.