988 bears sponsored to 654 primary schools by 549 sponsors... Thank You Kat Cherry Photographer For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to 225 SQN Air Force Cadets - Ipswich Michael Boyd - Our most recent donor - Thank you Thank You Carrie-Anne Bishop - Invictus Team Member For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Northpine Christian College - DAKABIN Thank You Joel and Sam Durham JC FOOTWEAR For Donating Albert Murray - Western Front Bear to Seymour College - SEYMOUR Thank You Meares Family For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Roleystone Community College - ROLEYSTONE Thank You Lyn Hartley For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Condong Public School - CONDONG Thank You Apollo Bay P-12 College For Donating Thomas Hendy - Flying Corps Bear to Apollo Bay P-12 College - APOLLO BAY Thank You Medibank For Donating Ernest Harvey - Gallipoli Bear to Portland Special Developmental School - Portland Thank You Smith Family For Donating David Cohen - Lone Pine Bear to Jingili Primary School - CASUARINA Thank You Jon Lane - Archery Coach, Team Australia Invictus Games Sydney 2018 For Donating Bert Jones - Light Horse Bear to Mount Stuart Primary School - MOUNT STUART Thank You Swan View Primary School For Donating Bernadette O'Meara - Nurse Bear to Swan View Primary School - SWAN VIEW

About Bears to School

Bears to School is an innovative community-focused program to help Australian primary school students connect to the stories, people and times we commemorate in the 2014-2018 Centenary in a way that respects the learning needs of younger people.

The program is delivered by Australia in the Great War (AGW) with the support of the National Returned and Services League (RSL) and the National Serviceman’s Association (Nashos).

Bears to School is an opportunity for individuals, families, organisations and businesses to donate a uniformed bear to local primary schools to support educational activities related to the Centenary. We do not prescribe how the bears are used in support of school activities, simply your donation provides engaging non-threatening props and some simple points about the service or military campaign represented by the unique bear that will help teachers engage younger children in learning. Funds raised through Bears to School support work with and for Australian veterans and veteran families.

Australia in the Great War

Australia in the Great War is a five year program designed to get people thinking and talking about the First World War. Our goal is to provide an educational and engaging account of events in the war years, both at home and on the war front, to help everyone appreciate the significance of Australia’s centenary commemorations of the First World War (2014-2018).

The Australia in the Great War team has worked hard to make our First World War history accessible to all Australians through projects such as Bears to School and the Great War Diary. Our range of commemorative products has given everyone – young and old – a tangible link to our nation’s shared history.


The Australia in the Great War program we are sharing history and helping those who serve today. The first phase of the Australia in the Great War campaign raised more than $400,000 for the life-changing work of Soldier On, a charity dedicated to helping today’s service men and women affected by recent service. A further $2 million has been raised by charities such as RSL, Legacy, Nashos and numerous other associations through fundraising sales. During the second phase of the Centenary and beyond we will continue to support military and veteran charities, representing veterans of all ages and periods of service.

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Supporting Veterans and Charities

Bears to School donates proceeds from bear donations to all participating charities to support their work for veterans, veterans’ families and community education on military service.